Consew 199R-1A‑1


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Speed, Max (S.P.M.): 3200* Clearance Under Foot: 15/64" (6mm) Needle Bar Stroke: 1-11/32" (34mm) Stitch Length, Max.: 5 (10mm) s.p.i. Needle: 135x17 Bobbin - Metal: B75 - Pre-wound : L Hook: B70 Work Space: 10" (254mm) Bed Size: 7" x 18-7/8" (178 x 480mm) Zigzag Stitch Width, Max.: 3/8" (9.5mm) Stitch Type: 304 *Speed depends on thread, material, stitch and operation.


  • Used for a wide range of products such as edge sewing, patch sewing, attaching and abutting work, applique work and binding on such material as leather, vinyl, canvas, cloth, lace, and similar materials
  • Federal Stitch 304


  • Horizontal axis transverse rotary hook
  • Wide zigzag
  • Straight Stitching when zigzag is set to '0' mm
  • Locking zigzag width regulator
  • Reverse stitching


Includes a ply­wood table top, k‑legs, mag­net­ic LED light, thread stand, belt, draw­er, oil, bob­bins, nee­dles and addi­tion­al acces­sories.


Ships with a knocked down stand and and choice of ¾ HP ser­vo motor, in 4 box­es. A stand Set­up DVD is includ­ed. UPS Ground ship­ping is $150 in the Con­tigu­ous USA only. Alas­ka, Hawaii, and Cana­da are extra. Please call or email us for a quote. If you would like the machine shipped with an assem­bled stand, please call or email us for a quote.


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