Reliable 7200SB Blindstitch with Direct Drive Motor


Reliable 7200SB

Frame drop or plunger drop type? For a new machine, this is the main question. After 35 years in the frame drop camp, we can confirm that the plunger drop system is vastly superior, especially for today's light microfiber fabrics.

The all new 7200SB with direct drive technology is the sewing industry benchmark for excellence when productivity, durability, and stitch quality are your requirements. Skip stitch and adjustable stitch penetration allow you to fine tune from fine silks up to medium weight woolens.


The solid frame construction on the 7200SB (as compared to a frame drop type machine) ensures less vibration, and ultimately a better quality stitch than frame drop machines.

The 7200SB is equipped with a direct drive motor with built in synchronizer enabling faster and quieter operation. The best part, treadle back to put the looper in home position to quickly remove material and lock the stitch.

The adjustable stitch setting dial allows the user to modify the depth of the needle penetration, ensuring that the stitch does not show on the outside of the fabric.

The perfect add on light is included at no extra charge for the 7200SB making it both a great BlindStitch machine and a great value.

Others skimp on the stand components, we don’t. We only use 100% plywood in our tabletops (not cheap particle board) and our legs are made from heavy-duty 3/32” steel.


  • The 7200SB is the sewing industry's benchmark for blindstitching excellence.
  • When productivity, durability, and stitch quality are your requirements, the 7200SB will not disappoint.
  • The skip stitch feature and adjustable stitch penetration dial allow you to easily fine tune from fine silks up to medium weight woolen fabrics.
  • For hemming pants, skirts and dresses, the 7200SB with “thread nipping device” (to allow easier removal of the hemmed fabric) offers the whole package.
  • Low noise and vibration design, outstanding build quality and reliability.


  • Stitch Length: 0 - 0.32 in. / 0 – 8 mm
  • Cylinder diameter: 2.23 in. / 58 mm
  • Presser Foot Lift: 0.32 in. / 8 mm
  • Needle: 29BL
  • Skip stitch function: 1:1 - 2:1
  • Eye guard: Yes
  • Swing-away plate: Yes
  • Maximum Sewing Speed: 2500 RPM
  • Direct Drive Technology
  • Eye Guard
  • Country of origin: China


Ships with an assembled stand and Uber light.
Includes a plywood table top, heavy duty metal legs, thread stand, belt, drawer, oil, and additional accessories.
Freight shipping is $299 in the Contiguous USA only. Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada are extra. Please call or email us for a quote.


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