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  • Application - Buttonholing for ordinary cloth, knit, etc
  • Sewing speed - 3600RPM
  • Needle bar stroke - 34.6mm
  • Max. lift of the work clamp - 12mm
  • Max. thickness of material that can be used - 4mm (with the work clamp lowered)
  • Number of stitches - 54~345 (by gear-change method)
  • Length of buttonholes - 6.4~38.1mm
  • Needle - DP×5 #11, 134 Nm75, 135x5, 135x7
  • Hook - DP type, automatic-lubricating full-rotary hook
  • Deceleration method - Belt-shifting method
  • Lubrication - Automatic
  • Lubricating oil - JUKI New Defrix Oil No.1 (equivalent to ISO VG7)
  • Motor - 300W general-purpose motor (A 250W general-purpose motor can be used when the machine is used at a sewing speed of 3,100rpm or less.)
  • Weight of the machine head - 40KG
*Speed depends on thread, material and operation.


  • Men's shirts, blouses, working wear, and ladies' wear


At the very least, a good buttonholing machine should finish seams of consistent quality and be widely adaptable to many different kinds of materials and seam specifications. The LBH-780 series buttonholing machines respond to these needs and help reduce operator fatigue, thereby finishing high-quality buttonholes with a higher degree of efficiency.


  • The buttonholing position can be easily adjusted. This further enhances ease of operation
  • A newly introduced mechanism in the needle thread trimmer prevents interference with the positioning of buttonholes
  • The shape of the face plate is designed to provide sufficient clearance around the needle entry position. As a result, ease of operation is further improved
  • The work clamp can be lifted as high as 12mm
  • The machine is capable of sewing heavy-weight materials such as bulky knits
  • The maximum lift of the work clamp is 12mm, enabling the machine to make high-quality buttonholes in heavy-weight materials
  • Work clamp can be easily lifted. This helps to substantially reduce operator fatigue
  • The pressure required to depress the start pedal and lifter pedal has been reduced. This helps to dramatically reduce operator fatigue
  • The knife mechanism and stop-motion mechanism produce less noise when they actuate, thus contributing to a more comfortable working environment. Thanks to the simple design of the stop-motion mechanism and unique knife mechanism, the machine operates with low noise
  • The machine starts, decelerates and stops smoothly



Ships with and assembled stand. Freight shipping is $400 in the Contiguous USA only. Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada are extra. Please call or email us for a quote.


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