Tacsew GC6-6


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Speed, Max (S.P.M.):  2000* Clearance Under Foot: 6.5 by knee, 13mm by hand Needle Bar Stroke: 37mm Stitch Length : Max.: 9mm Amount of alternating presser feet: 2~5 (3.2 standard) Needle: 135 x 17 and 135x16 size 16-22 Bobbin: Metal - 18034 - Pre-wound - M Work space: 260mm x 120mm Bed Size: 475mm x 178mm Stitch Type: 301 *Speed depends on thread, material and operation.


  • For sewing medium to heavy materials such as fabric, leather, vinyl, upholstery, synthetics, and canvas
  • Suitable for sewing such products as suitcases, tents, cushions, gloves, clothes, caps, leather materials, bamboo matting, etc


  • Single straight needle
  • Link take up thread
  • Top and bottom feed to avoid slippage between different material layers
  • Long stitch length
  • Good sewing capacity
  • Wide applications
  • Long machine life


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